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As I began work on this piece the only ideas in my mind were the particular colors, textures and hoped-for size. I love working with vibrant colors and different textures. The textures can be achieved not only by actual texture of my materials, but with the actual ways I work the rope.

I love the “order” of the tightly coiled rope as it connects, one row after another, but I feel a freedom when I create the many different loops and accentuated curves. I am able to twist the rope in certain ways to achieve a particular movement, but frequently the rope goes its own way in spite of me.

At the beginning of a piece I also have no endpoint in mind. At some point I begin to have a real feel for where I might take a piece, but still no end in mind. Most often I look at what I am doing and decide I love the way it is right then, or know what I need to add, or don’t love it yet and just keep going until I do!

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