Debbie Snider



As I create each piece, it becomes a story to me. Although I have a design in mind when I begin, often the piece size and/or shape changes from my original plan as it takes it’s own path. While I am the shepherd of my art, I hope you take it on your own path as well.

I have been creating coiled baskets and sculpture pieces for about 15 years. My daughter learned “coiling” in her elementary school art class, and subsequently passed the art onto me. Many handcrafted “coiled” pieces are sewn together after the core material has been wrapped with fabric, but mine are different. I use only fabric, yarn and rope to create each piece, no sewing. I continually lash one rope row to another with the decorative, wrapped fabric that covers the structural rope. My pieces are literally coiled together as each one is made, allowing me to create a piece of art that is not only visually interesting, but also sturdily constructed to ensure its unique shape.

I love the creativity of coiling, and have never regretted the amount of time and effort involved in making each piece. I start with a definite color palette and add accent colors along the way as the shape forms. I frequently spend 50 or more hours making one piece, depending on the size and shape. Whether I am doing a commissioned project or just trying something new for my own enjoyment, I feel as though it is ultimately time well spent.

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